Jake Paul Teases His New Weekly Sports Show With First Guest Devin Haney

Devin Haney will be Jake Paul's first guest on his new weekly sports programme, which launches this week.

Hasim Rahman Jr. and "The Problem Child" were scheduled to square off on August 6 at Madison Square Garden. Rahman Jr., however, claimed that he had trouble making weight, leaving Paul without a fight on such short notice.

The "Problem Child" declared that he would return shortly after expressing his unhappiness in advance.

Then, he teased a weekly sports programme on Twitter and invited his followers to send questions for Devin Haney:

"I’m interviewing Devin Haney tomorrow for my new weekly sports show launching soon. I got some really good questions but what questions do y’all have for him?"

Jake Paul remained mum on the premiere date of his programme, but the news was positively received by the audience.

They anticipate a sports programme asking inquiries that other interviewers are not permitted to make.

Knowing "The Problem Child," he will elicit the most difficult inquiries and inject his comic spin into the programme. The anticipation among fans for Paul's idea is high.

After learning that he was stepping down from the bout against Jake Paul, Hasim Rahman Jr. gave a lengthy interview to the media. He said in an interview with TMZ Sports that before their altercation, he had respect for Paul but quickly learned that "The Problem Child" manipulates the contract and "pulls strings."