Jake Paul Rejects $100,000 Winner-takes-all Offer From World Champion

Claressa Shields, the undisputed world champion, and Paul have been engaged in a contentious online rivalry that has prompted the boxer to offer the YouTuber a $100,000 winner-takes-all sparring match.

Jake Paul allegedly stopped communicating with Claressa Shields after she offered him a $100,000 sparring session.

The boxing world champion and the YouTube sensation have been engaged in a social media battle for a number of months, exchanging barbs about a variety of subjects, including the latter's brief fighting career. Paul was previously listed on Shields' boxing wish list and she has said that she could beat him if the two ever touched gloves.

After prior emails of Shields' management seeking Paul to be on his undercard surfaced, it appeared as though Paul and Shields had put their disagreement behind them. Shields, however, has subsequently said that Paul was uninterested in battling with her despite the potential for a sizable reward.

She told GiveMeSport: “I told him that we could spar for $100,000 and whoever wins gets that $100,000. He didn’t want to spar against me. And I’ve actually seen Jake Paul in person two or three times but he didn’t say anything. I’m not a fan of him. I do think he’s funny. He should be like a comedian or something.

“But I’m not a fan of the dude. I think what he’s doing in boxing and bringing more eyes is great. But I just can’t get jiggy with the whole thing like his attitude sucks. He started talking s*** after I lost my MMA fight by split decision and he was trying to big up the other girl who beat me and I was like dude you didn’t even say congratulations when I won my first MMA fight.

“He didn’t congratulate me on all of my achievements in women’s boxing. He doesn’t have any respect for the sport to me. So I’ve never really liked the dude. He tried to call a truce and apologise or whatever the case may be but no f**k that apology."

When Shields lost an MMA match while trying to advance in her fighting career, Paul attacked her, starting their feud. Shields was incensed by the remarks and compared her boxing accomplishments to Paul's five-fight career to highlight them.

"I think it's just time to squash that whole thing," Paul said at a press conference. "We just need to push women's boxing forward. I think we just let things get a little out of hand and I'm mature enough to say that and I think she is as well, let's just make women's boxing better and keep on pushing it together."