Jake Paul is such a p***y that his next opponent is a woman: Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping has criticised Jake Paul for the promotional image for his last bout, in which the fighter appears alongside Amanda Serrano.

Paul will return to the ring on the same undercard as Serrano on August 6, and the poster depicted the two men fighting each other.

"Hold on, you're fighting Amanda Serrano? Wow. Can't say I'm surprised though haha," Bisping tweeted as a jibe towards Paul.

With some users failing to understand the joke or point of Bisping's tweet, several pointed out that Paul wasn't in fact taking on Serrano.

"I'm very aware 'he's fighting alongside her', the joke is that he's such a p***y that his next opponent is against a woman that is (as usual) waaaay smaller than him. Like all his opponents," Bisping added.

Paul, 25, has been chastised for not having yet faced an opponent with professional boxing experience.

He was scheduled to do so in December. However, Tommy Fury, 23, backed out of their celebrity grudge match with a broken rib and chest infection.

Instead, Paul defeated Tyron Woodley, 40, a replacement whom he had previously defeated on points in August.