Jake Paul is banned from Edwards vs Usman UFC fight: Is Dana White to blame?

Jake Paul is banned from Edwards vs Usman UFC fight

That's because he has been banned from attending UFC events last he attended was UFC 261 back in 2021 

The Jake Paul UFC ban was announced by the YouTuber himself, on a podcast.

"I'm banned from UFC events, as Dana banned me after the fans were shouting 'f**k Jake Paul' at one of the stadiums," he said.

"I tried to go to a different fight and all of our tickets were declined, banned.

"The assistant was like 'get the f**k out of here', and then escorted me out of the event."

There have been theories floated that Paul hasn't been banned he has been cooking these stories to look for attention and continue his long-term feud with UFC president Dana White.

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