Jake Paul Gives 24 Hours Ultimatum to $2 Million Opponent as Nate Diaz Rumors Heat Up

Jake Paul had announced that he will be returning to the ring after beating Tyrone Woodley in his last fight. The Problem Child took to Twitter and stated that he will be making his comeback this year as he posted a short video with the caption, “I’m back. August 13th”

However, there is still no confirmed opponent for Paul’s return, but there have been rumors that British boxer Tommy Fury will face Paul in his next fight.

Moreover, it looks like they are true as ‘The Problem Child’ came out to address the possibility of the fight and also had a stern warning for Fury.

Paul recently took to Twitter and gave Fury an ultimatum as he took shots at Fury for pulling out from their scheduled fight last year. He also offered Fury a $2 million purse to fight him.

Tommy Fury, you pulled out last year. Then you agree to fight me now but your dad is trying to pull you out again?  We’ve given you everything you asked for $2M purse, VADA testing, Tampon’s

He also warned him stating that he will never give Fury another opportunity if he pulls out, “You have 24 hours 2 clear this up or I will never give u this opportunity again”

Moreover, Paul also posted a video on Instagram with the caption, “Tommy Fury you should be ashamed of yourself. You have 24 hours to fix this or you’ll never see this opportunity again”, calling out Fury for allegedly pulling out of the fight.

Fury is yet to respond to Paul’s statement but he will be looking to address this as soon as possible, as Paul has only given him 24 hours to respond.

Moreover, the $2 million dollars will by far be the biggest purse of Fury’s career. If Fury ignores his call, Paul also has other options as he has been recently called out by UFC welterweight Nate Diaz for a potential fight.