Jake Paul accidentally shades Logan as he calls out KSI for being “afraid” to fight

Jake Paul accidentally shaded his brother Logan after taking shots at KSI for being “afraid” to fight him

At the end of February, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally settled their longtime rivalry by fighting in Saudi Arabia.

and while Tommy was very elated by the end result, KSI was way more happier than him 

Following Jake Paul loss to Tommy Fury, KSI took on his Instagram stories to troll the YouTuber turned boxer 

Jake Paul finally spoken on KSI taking aim at him, taking a shot at KSI's rumored next opponent

Talk is cheap. Again, whatever he said, he is still afraid to sign the contract. He can talk all that s*it but let’s go in the ring, 100%.

Talk that s*it, let’s sell some f*cking pay-per-views brother,” Jake said about KSI’s trash talk, before claiming that he “has never fought anyone good.”

Tyson Fury wants Tag team match with Tommy Fury against Jake and Logan Paul

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