Jake Gyllenhaal Answers Terrifying 911 Call In The Guilty Trailer

Christy Mathew

The first trailer for Antoine Fuqua’s crime-thriller, The Guilty sees Jake Gyllenhaal answering a chilling 911 call. The movie features Riley Keough, Bill Burr and Ethan Hawke along with Jake. It is set to premiere on Netflix on October 1st after its limited theatrical release.

The movie is the remake of Den skyldige, directed by Gustav Moller and was released back in 2018 in Denmark. 

That was appreciated by the audience because of which it made its way for a Hollywood reprise. Antoine gained the rights to the 2018 movie which makes the story likely to be followed along the same lines.

The Guilty is co-produced by Jake and will also include Gustav as the executive producer. Netflix released its trailer when shows an alarm dispatcher (Jake) talking to a frantic victim on the other end of the call.

However, after the call abruptly drops, the operator finds himself looking for answers. The teaser had little to no actual footage, however, the dialogue is enough to intrigue the audience into wanting more.

Jake has other upcoming projects that his fans can look forward to as well. The actor will be seen playing film producer Robert Evans in the upcoming biopic about the making of The Godfather.