Jada Smith’s Bold 5 Word Stance After Stephen Curry’s Wife Ayesha Decried “Lack of Male Attention”

An interaction between Jada Pinkett Smith with Ayesha Curry and her family during Jada’s show is resurfacing now. Ayesha and Stephen Curry married on July 30, 2011. The two met in a church youth group in Charlotte when they were 15 and 14 years old.

When Jada Smith was hosting ‘Red Label Talk’, Ayesha Curry, Steph Curry’s mom, Sonya Curry; his sister, Sydel Curry-Lee; and Callie Rivers, Steph’s brother Seth Curry’s fiancé appeared in the show. And Ayesha revealed how other women throw themselves at her husband, Stephen Curry.

Although she also said that it didn’t happen to her in the past 10 years. Moreover, she said that the lack of attention from other men and the amount her husband gets from other women has made her insecure. Obviously, this was blowing up, and many people started trolling Ayesha Curry on social media.

So Jada talked to Ayesha and made sure that she was okay and showed her support. Jada also talked highly about Ayesha Curry’s honest comments. She said, “Not everybody’s ready for that.” Pointing out the trolls who were thrashing Ayesha Curry for her comments about her insecurity.

Gabrielle Union also showed her support, she said “She was honest and she told her truth, and no matter what your truth is, there are going to be people who do not like it,”. Jada has commented before that she is not a feminist and why she wouldn’t want to be called a feminist.

She has said that she would call herself a ‘womanist’. Jada continued it is because of the history of the feminist movement and how it began. Further, she said that the feminist movement only focuses on middle-class white women.

In the ‘Red Label Talk’ show, Jada said, “I wish sometimes the world could have more compassion for black women,..” “…We really haven’t had the luxury to have that more relaxed–not having to walk into the world with such an armor because of what we’re still dealing with..” “..I have to defend myself,..”

Will Smith probably watched the episode where Jada talked about defending herself all the time. Although, unfortunately, he did not take that into account on that infamous Oscar’s night. But the problem is, Will didn’t defend her with words, he slapped another man in front of the world. And it has been widely talked about ever since. Many people have shown their support and a lot have shown their disappointment.