Fans Mocked Jack Harlow For Not Knowing Brandy & Ray J Are Siblings

Since the morning the 24 years old, American rapper from Louisville, had set the Twitter on fire.

As, during an interview on Hot 97, Jack Harlow got to know that Brandy & Ray J are siblings. Also, he troubled while identifying one of the Brandy’s most popular songs.

So, the rapper sat for an interview on Hot 97 and just learned that Brandy and Ray J are siblings.

During the same interview, Jack was first challenged with identifying a hit ’90s R&B hit by the shows hosts.

The rapper first guessed it to be Aliyah as the singer. However, hosts gave him the first hint but didn’t told the correct answer.

Hosts also disclosed that the singer has his own sitcom Tv show- Moesha (aired between 1996-2001).

Later, hosts referred to the ‘Angel in Disguise’ singer’s brother that he made other people famous.

Sex Tape made Jack Harlow clear that Hot 97′ hosts are talking about infamous sex tape incident of Ray J and Kim Kardashian.

Much to his surprise, hosts finally revealed that its Brandy. To which Jack immediately respond that Brandy and Ray J are siblings?