Ja Morant may have garnered a lot of love and attention this season for his incredible improvement on the court and his unbelievable highlights.

Being a superstar in a generation where social media has ensured that players are more connected to their fans than ever means Morant is quite often in the news for tweeting something or the other.

He got clowned for trying to roast Jonathan Kuminga but even apart from that, it's been Morant's occasional references to life on the street that have seen him catch some backlash

His tweets about hollows and such have people questioning why he's talking that way when he has comfortably made it to a life of comfort and luxury.

A fan on Twitter posed the question to Morant directly, asking why he was 'thugging' on social media, but Ja had a crisp response ready to fire back.

BlazeMoving: "Ja why do you get on here thuggin, you are rich."

Ja Morant: "Cuz da money won't ever change me . been on dat , still on dat , forever on dat , won't ever speak on it."

Morant has a level head and the support of his family, especially his father, who was at a lot of games to cheer on his son.

Something is refreshing about seeing a young man not forgetting his roots, as long as he doesn't get involved in anything problematic, which he has shown no signs of doing.

The question of what players should or shouldn't say is an old conversation in NBA circles, but if anything, it's important to allow today's superstars to be themselves.