NBA legend Isiah Thomas doesn't really get the Steph Curry comparisons. As he explained on the Rich Eisen Show, he sees Curry more like Allen Iverson.

Here's what the former point guard said about the 2x MVP: "When I look at Steph Curry now, I see him more Allen Iverson than the Isiah Thomas conversation. Because Iverson 

came to the game with one thought in mind. That was to score the basketball. Curry comes to the game with one thought in mind, and that’s to score the basketball. And they are great scorers at that 

position. Magic [Johnson] and I came to the game and had to achieve perfect balance. Where we had to score and assist. We had to have a different mindset other than just being scorers. 

So, I look at Curry and Iverson basically in the same way."

Basically, I.T. sees Curry as more of a scorer than a true point guard -- and he's not exactly wrong. Guys like Thomas and Magic Johnson didn't 

just look to score the ball, they aimed to set their teammates up for shots and open looks.

While Steph certainly shares the ball enough to go around, he's a scorer first, and putting the ball in the hoop is what he's most effective at doing.

When comparing Curry and AI directly, there are a lot of similarities. They are both great scorers, both great leaders, and both hard workers who fight for what they want.