Draymond Green had a very disappointing performance in Game 3 finishing with 2 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Despite the fact that he had good defensive moments, there's no question that his offensive game left a lot to be desired.

Legendary point guard Isiah Thomas has recently sounded off on Draymond Green's performance

"When you're playing for a championship, it really is about your mental toughness and your mental focus, and being able to totally 100% concentrate on your opponent... anytime you lose that focus..."

"And you're talking about Cedric Maxwell, and you're talking about podcasts... and you're talking about the fans, then you have really lost your concentration and your focus."

"It shows up in the box score, in a game like tonight. Where you play 34 minutes, you have 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 points."

"Draymond Green does that in a grade school game, not in the NBA Finals... He has lost focus in terms of concentrating on beating the opponent"

There's no doubt that Draymond Green has been underwhelming in this Finals series thus far.

Draymond Green has already stated that he "wouldn't be able to live with himself" if the Warriors lost the NBA Finals due to the force and physicality in the series

Hopefully, we see the Golden State Warriors even up the series and make the series record 2-2.