iShowSpeed bleeds from the mouth after celebrating subscriber milestone way too hard

YouTube superstar iShowSpeed was freaking out as he reached a massive subscriber milestone

iShowSpeed has been dominating YouTube as one of its most-watched content creators in large part due to his hilarious on-stream antics.

During the recent broadcast, the streamer was on the verge of hitting 16 million subscriber on YouTube

and as he watched his counter rise, he celebrated to hard he started bleeding.

As the YouTuber watched the counter cross the 16 million mark, he grew quiet, put his hands on his neck and started making odd facial expressions.

Moments later, a bit of blood began to pour out of his lip before Speed barked in celebration and let out a triumphant victory cry.

“We did it!” he screamed in delight as blood trickled down his mouth in between barks. “We did it! We did it! Let’s go! Sixteen million!”

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