Is There A Rift Going On Between LeBron James & Anthony Davis?

Anthony Davis received criticism for his lackluster reaction to LeBron James breaking the all-time scoring record in February.

Davis explained his reaction as being due to the way the Lakers were playing at the time.

Kevin Garnett was critical of Davis, saying that his reaction lacked the brotherhood energy that should have been present among teammates.

“I saw how he looked when the biggest moment in sports, your teammate, he accomplished something that no one, none of us could, right?"

"And the energy. to me, wasn’t there. Their brotherhood energy wasn’t there. That love, that ‘Hey, dawg, you did it.’ That looked kind of awkward."

“Lord, it kind of looked awkward. No one wants to say this s**t. No one wants to say this s**t out loud! He didn’t even stand up. They ain’t rockin'! They ain’t rockin' no more. And the writing’s on the wall.”

Davis played only 40 games last season, leaving James to carry most of the burden in leading the Lakers to the playoffs, which they failed to do.

This season, much was expected of the Lakers if both Davis and James could stay healthy.

The Lakers were struggling with a 25-30 record heading into the game against the OKC Thunder where James broke the scoring record.