Internet Personalities React To OnlyFans Banning Sexual Content On Its Platform

Well, if you thought that 2021 was going fine so far… you’re in for a surprise!

The famous content subscription platform OnlyFans has shocked the Internet with its most recent decision!

OnlyFans announced that it is banning all sorts of po*n and sexually explicit content.

This is ironic because OF content creators posted a lot of sexual content for their fans who paid for exclusive content.

Corrina Kopf: “The problem with OF is the only people being effected is SW, and not only are they effected but being directly attacked.

Twitch streamer Susu: “Onlyfans banning porn and expecting to still make money is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen”.

World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold: “Onlyfans bans sexual content, RIP LMAO What’s next? Is KFC going to ban chicken? I should make the next Onlyfans.”