Inside the Mind of Andrew Tate: What Is Wudan and Who Is Master Po?

By: Maira Shakeel

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate and his brother were recently released from prison

They were arrested last year on the charges of human trafficking, rape and organising a crime 

but as no strong evidence was found against them they were released but to be kept under house arrest 

Since Tate's release he has been more than active on his Twitter account 

Recently, Andrew Tate shared a cryptic posts in which he often talks about Master Po and Wudan.

he refers to Master Po as his father. On the other hand, Wudan is the discipline of focusing on the goal at hand.

he explains by giving an example of how when a person is solely focused and can feel the pain he is in the state of Wudan.

He said, “Upon the death of Master PO, Adept number one assumes mastery of Wudan.

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