Inside Floyd Mayweather’s Multi-Million Dollar Bugatti Collection

The five-division champion Floyd Mayweather is renowned worldwide as arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time. The American boxer has earned millions and millions of dollars over a long and illustrious career.

Mayweather owns multiple luxurious cars from Ferraris to Mercedes and Bentleys. Let’s take a look at Mayweather’s collection of Bugatti, the automobile manufacturers based in Molsheim, France.

Mayweather has been open about his love for fast cars. Therefore, the undefeated boxer splurged huge money on the cars that go from 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds, the Bugattis. ‘Money’ Mayweather owns multiple models of the brand.

Mayweather’s car collection is known for being either all black or all white. However, the boxing legend broke his color rule for two of his Bugatti Veyrons.

Other than the two, Mayweather owns 3 more Veyrons, each worth $1.7 million. However, different sources state different numbers.  

The 45-year-old also owns the fastest Buggati ever made, the Buggati Chiron. This luxurious model is worth $3.5 million. Buggati contributes to a major chunk of his car collection.

In 2015, the undefeated boxing billionaire spent $6.5 million on a pair of Bugatti Veyrons, one white and red 2011 Grand Sport, as well as a black and orange 2015 Grand Sport Vitesse. 

 Although soon after that, Mayweather sold his pair of Veyrons. The 2011 Grand Sport was listed at $2.45 million, whereas the 2015 Grand Sport Vitesse was listed at $3.95 million.

When Mayweather bought the supercar in 2015, the five-division world champion had paid $3,498,000. Surprisingly, even after owning the car for two years, the price of the vehicle instead of decreasing has increased by $452,000.