In No Way Home, Spider-Man And MJ Swing Over NYC Concept Art

A Twitter user shared a poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home that featured Peter Parker and MJ swinging around Manhattan.

The film has been a spectacular success, with a worldwide gross approaching $1.5 billion.

This weekend, No Way Home is likely to exceed Titanic at the domestic box office. Despite stiff competition from prior years’ films, it is by far the web slinger’s most commercially successful solo appearance in theatres.

In the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy, Zendaya plays MJ, but she had a reduced role in Spider-Man: Homecoming and her character was not revealed as a new interpretation of the iconic character until the very end.

In Far From Home, their school group goes on an educational vacation to Europe, and while there, MJ deduces that Peter is Spider-Man, and the two establish a connection that is important to No Way Home.

Now, Twitter user @maciej kuciara has shared a concept-art keyframe from the opening of the film, which shows the iconic pair swinging next to Madison Square Garden. J. Jonah Jameson announces that Peter Parker is Spider-Man via newscast at the end of Far From Home, showing a video shot by a dying Mysterio falsely claiming that Peter killed him.

No Way Home takes up just where that scene ends, with Peter grabbing MJ and swinging her away from a crowd of spectators, and this artist shares their first impressions of the incident.

Director Jon Watts’ final approach to capturing the emotions of the moment is obvious in this rendering of the No Way Home scene, as the camera often mirrors the shaky movement of Peter and MJ swinging away to reflect their sense of panic.

The film then jumps ahead to Peter’s return home, when his family and friends rapidly realize how his secret identity has affected everyone’s life. The impact of Peter’s heroics on his loved ones becomes a crucial thematic throughline in the film, which runs all the way to the surprising ending.