In Billie Eilish’s Saturday Night Live Episode, Miley Cyrus Turns Into A Living Christmas Card

During Billie Eilish’s presenting role on Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus made a surprise appearance! With Punkie Johnson, the singer, 29, turns into a living Christmas card, delivering some funny punchlines and making the crowd laugh out loud.

The sketch opens with a couple (Melissa Villaseor and Alex Moffat) admiring their Christmas cards, which included cards from their “very white, super Christian neighbor, here on the beach with my wife and our army of blond children.”

“What better way to remind you that I met a superstar at a restaurant 11 months ago than with my Christmas card,” Johnson wrote inside the sketch. Johnson receives another hilarious response from Miley.

“This woman walked over to my table and said, ‘You’re Anna Montana,’ and then she stated she didn’t like my music,” she revealed.The best fitness apps, ranked

After that, the two exchange Christmas greetings with their supporters before wrapping things up the broadcast.

Miley’s ability to act is impressive, according to Twitter users. While one admirer praised the performance, another praised Johnson and Cyrus for their hilarious one-liners.

The entire episode took place during Billie Eilish’s Saturday Night Live hosting appearance, in which she played a “b****y” childhood bully who has been raising a “incel” for a son.