In An Online Poll, Jimin Of BTS Was Named The ‘Best K Pop Dancer Of 2021’

Jimin of BTS is without a doubt one of the top K-pop dancers of all time! On January 1, Jimin set a new record on the KDOL app by taking first place in the daily ranking poll, as well as the weekly and monthly rankings.

or those who are unfamiliar, KDOL is an app that allows fans to support and cheer for their favorite K-pop singer (idol) by collecting ‘hearts’ daily through various activities and challenges, and then voting for their favourites each day with the ‘hearts.’

’ On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, this polling ranks the winners with the most ‘heart votes.’

Jimin received 244,514,273 votes on the last day of 2021, putting him at the top of the daily ranking. This was also a new record for the most hearts in a single day in the platform’s history.

Jimin accumulated a total of 300,868,840 votes by adding together all of the daily votes for the last week of the year, placing top in the weekly ranking and setting a new record for the most hearts per week in the platform’s history.

Not only that, but Jimin had received a total of 413,264,919 votes in December, placing him top in the monthly ranking and setting a new record for the most hearts per month in platform history.

Jimin topped the monthly list for the 17th time in a row, the most by any K-pop idol on the site, and another record for Bangtan’s star performer.

Finally, with 1,515,163,126 total heart votes, Jimin maintained his place as the number one idol in the Top 50 Hall of Fame.