In A New Animated Film, Chris Pratt Will Voice The Famous Feline ‘Garfield’

Chris Pratt, a Hollywood actor, has been cast as the voice of the famous feline Garfield in a new animated feature film

The film is being produced by Alcon Entertainment, with Sony Pictures set to release Garfield’s latest adventure in theatres throughout the world (excluding China). indicates that a release date will be revealed at a future stage.

The film is based on the long-running comic strip created by artist Jim Davis, though story specifics have yet to be verified.

Since June 1978, the adventures of the cynical and lazy orange cat Garfield, his owner Jim Arbuckle, and fellow pet Odie have been featured in over 2,580 newspapers and publications.

Garfield has the honor of being the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip. David Reynolds will write the script and Mark Dindal will direct the untitled film.

Garfield’s upcoming picture isn’t his first foray into Hollywood.