In A New Amazon Christmas Film, Dwayne Johnson Isn’t Playing Santa

Hiram Garcia, the producer of Red One, has stated that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will not play Santa Claus in the Christmas drama.

Red One is an upcoming holiday film from Amazon Studios starring Johnson and written by Hobbs & Shaw’s Chris Morgan.

Johnson joined the cast of the action-adventure comedy, which will offer a whole new universe within the Christmas genre, back in June.

There have been few facts released about the plot or what will classify it as a Christmas picture.

Due to the absence of information, there has been discussion over Johnson’s role and whether he will play Santa in the film.

Johnson will not play Santa in Red One, according to producer Garcia, as reported by Slashfilm. Garcia was perplexed as to why people assumed Dwayne Johnson would play Santa in the film and stepped in to dispel the rumor.

Johnson will not be portraying Santa Claus, but rather “something really awesome.” Red One, Garcia continued, will not be a traditional holiday picture, but rather a spin on Christmas mythology that will turn the holiday genre on its head. He also mentioned that the film will be released in December 2023.