"I Can't Believe a Social Media Star is Scaring Off the Real Boxers" - Logan Paul Backs Jake Paul After Canceled Hasim Rahman Jr. Bout

On August 6, Jake Paul was scheduled to make his sixth debut in professional boxing, however the match was regrettably called off just one week beforehand.

The son of the renowned boxer Hasim Rahman, who defeated Lennox Lewis, was scheduled to take on "The Problem Child." The natural heavyweight, nevertheless, was unable to reach the necessary weight. 

After being requested to raise the weight limit from 205 pounds to 215, Paul's camp made the decision to call off the bout.

During a recent episode of Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE podcast, the YouTuber spoke about the cancelation of his brother's fight, saying: "At what point do you not want to try to make the weight because you're a little nervous? At what point is it not worth it? I can't believe it, I can't believe a social media star is scaring off the real boxers."

Paul added: "They're all backing out, the kid can't get a fight. We feel so bad for him [because] if you had any idea how grueling training camp was, the four hours of training per day, the sparring, constantly getting hit, having to eat right, making sure your diets correct, sending your girlfriend back to LA because you don't want to get oxytocin boosts, so you can stay in killer mode for weeks [and] months on end."

Many celebrities and professionals in the fight business have expressed their thoughts in response to the botched Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. fight. This has involved people like Eddie Hearn, Dana White, and many more.

Another YouTuber and close friend of the Pauls, Mike Majlak, also shared his opinions on the cancellation.

There have been arguments between Majlak and Jake Paul in the past, and it is commonly known that their relationships are not as harmonious as those between Majlak and Logan Paul. He expressed sympathy for the 25-year-old on a recent Logan's podcast episode, though.

"I immediately felt really bad for Jake, he's obviously been training his life away for this fight."