HBO Call Off ‘Made For Love’ Season 3, Releases Statement

After two successful seasons of Made for love, it seems that we won’t be getting Season 3 . As of today, HBO announced the cancellation of Made for love season 3.

Warner Bros, the parent company has announced its merger this year with the Discovery channel naming it Warner Bros Discovery because of this many changes are taking place in the newly merged organization which has led to cancel of some shows.

Based on Alissa Nutting’s novel, Made for love is a black comedy & science fiction web series which is loved by fans because of its unique concept. Now fans are disappointed that they won’t be getting a season 3 of the web show.

About Made For Love: The show portrays toxic masculinity very well, as the story revolves around a woman named Hazel Green (played by Cristin Miloti) who runs away from her husband (Byron Gogol ) leaving her 10 years of toxic relationship behind. But she ain’t aware that her husband has embedded a chip in her brain to monitor her emotional data, watch her & also track where she is.

Season two premiered on HBO on 28th April 2022. Both seasons had 8 episodes each. The second season revolves around the wife (Hazel green) returning to her husband for her father’s treatment for cancer. But when she returns she and her husband gets trapped in the newly made (dangerous) technology of Byron.

Made for love series is produced by Janet Knutsen, Cristin Milioti, and Andres Anglade

Executive producers include  S J Clarkson, Patrick Somerville, Dean Bakopoulos, Christina Lee Nutting, Liza Chasin & Daisy Mayer.

HBO confirmed the cancellation of the show by releasing a statement saying, ” We are tremendously grateful for the truly spectacular journey of these past two seasons, courtesy of Alissa Nutting, Christina Lee, Cristin, Billy, Ray, and the entire ‘Made for Love’ cast and creative team- especially Zelda the talking dolphin and everyone’s favorite synthetic love interest, Diane. Like a Gogol Chip, the series will always be on our minds.”