How Will Debra Be Brought Back For Dexter Season 9

Christy Mathew

The team of the series, Dexter: New Blood has revealed how Dexter’s sister, Debra Morgan will be brought back in the show. The reboot of 10 episodes consists of Michael C. Hall’s return as the beloved title character and takes place ten years after the finale.

Showrunner, Clyde Phillips comes back after leaving the original series at the end of season 4. The upcoming new reboot is set to bring back new faces, including Clancy Brown as the central villain and Kurt Caldwell, the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake in upstate New York. 

Jennifer Carpenter who plays Dexter’s adoptive sister and detective for eight seasons of the original series will be making her comeback. In the show, Debra had been promoted to lieutenant and had a strong equation with her brother. 

This was before she caught him in the act of killing in the sixth season finale. Ever since then, the two characters have had an up-and-down relationship where Debra compromises her morals as a person and a police lieutenant.

This is where they revealed more details of Debra’s return. The original series had ended in Debra’s death after being pulled off of life support. So her return in the reboot has been speculated to be as a ghost or perhaps a flashback. 

The actress said she did not really feel like she wanted to go back and fix “a broken score”. She added, “I feel like Deb had a different ending than the show.