Carter has launched a book that is similar to that of HIMYM.

The developer of the show Carter Bays has launched a book- The Mutual Friend.

The story revolves around five friends from New York, who have come across each other in the city not having much in common.

The story depicts how these bunch of New Yorkers sought their lives together and had each other’s back whenever they were in any sort of trouble.

The narrative of the story is similar to that of the show. In the book as well the story is told from the perspective of a narrator.

Carter said- “There are probably a number of reasons behind it,” “And I feel like I don’t even want to divulge all of them just to save people the surprises in the book.

it was exploring the idea of an omniscient narrator, which is something that fiction has had as long as there’s been fiction.

The Mutual’ tells the story of the current society where everyone is deeply engulfed in social media, and cell phones 

It shows how it has changed societal behavior in the last 20 years.

it is now available as an ebook, Audible version and even a hardcover version of the book is available.