How Does Marvel Studios Decide Which MCU Projects Go To Disney+?

Christy Mathew

Jonathan Schwartz has revealed how Marvel Studios decides which projects will go to Disney+. The MCU started branching out after the Infinity Saga and officially started producing TV shows that are for Disney’s streaming platform.

So far the franchise has had four series, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If…? They will release more series in the next couple of years. Disney+’s offerings are going to be important to the narrative in Phase 4 while the MCU movies will always be where the main storytelling actually takes place.

The first three shows that have been released so far have had clear connections to what will actually happen on the big screen. The most important narrative of the MCU phase 4 came from Loki after it introduced who might be the next big villain: He Who Remains. 

And of course, let’s not forget the multiverse that has been unleashed. This has made it clearer that Marvel Studios’ Disney+ shows are important for anyone who wants to watch the big MCU movies.

But how does Marvel decide which projects should be developed for Disney+ and which ones for the big screen?

Jonathan shared, “It’s something we’ve all figured out together. What makes sense for Disney+. (And) What makes sense for movies? What characters go where. We figure it out as a group.

I think that what’s cool about Disney+ is it gives us the opportunity to tell stories; that are maybe outside of the norm of what we would be able to do in movies that want a different canvas that want a different structure, that are maybe a little weirder and wilder than we would have typically in the past been able to go in movies.”

The producer further added that now the things that they did not have the confidence to put out in the past; the shows have given them the confidence to do it. He added, “Everything wants to push the envelope more; because the audience is getting used to a different level of storytelling.”