How Did The WWE Fanbase Respond To The Passing Of Cody Rhodes' Stepmother?

When a member of Cody Rhodes' family passed away on Wednesday, the WWE Universe wept alongside him.

Cody Rhodes' brother, AEW star Dustin Rhodes, announced the information on social media. Cody comes from a line of wrestlers. 

His father, Dusty Rhodes in the WWE, was a multiple-time champion. Virgil Riley Runnels Jr. Dustin was born to his first spouse, Sandra Runnels, in 1969. 

After Dusty and Sandra divorced in 1975, the WWE Legend wed Michelle Rubio three years later, and Cody Rhodes was conceived outside of marriage.

Through his social media, Dustin regularly kept followers informed of Sandra Runnels' health.

Since the beginning of 2022, she has fought a protracted illness, and in February of that year, she was hospitalised. 

There were rumours that Cody Rhodes' stepmom had cancer. He promised fans that she is no longer in pain despite not mentioning the specifics of her illness.

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