Here’s Something You Did Not Know About Squid Game

The alternate ending for Squid Game’s first season has been disclosed by the show’s creator.

Netflix’s most recent hit premiered in September 2021 and instantly became a fan favorite, fast climbing the charts to become the streaming giant’s number one original series.

Squid Game is based on a deadly survival competition in which the final survivor receives a large sum of money.

It was inspired by South Korea’s love of game shows.

The plan is for Gi-hun to go after the Squid Game VIPs, effectively setting up the show’s now-confirmed second season. Hwang, on the other hand, tells EW that they went back and forth on how they wanted to end the show.

Aside from what happened on screen, there’s an alternate conclusion in which Gi-hun boarded an aircraft and flew out of South Korea.

Finally, they decided it wasn’t appropriate for the message they were trying to convey.