Here’s How ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather Became ‘Money’ Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has made an exceptional mark on his career by dominating the ring for over two decades. He went through a lot of struggles and has an interesting journey from becoming Pretty Boy to being known as ‘Money’ Mayweather.

In his career, he earned a lot of titles and fetched a whopping sum of money by defeating the prominent boxers of his time. Over the years, Mayweather he highly ranked as one of the richest sportsperson in the world.

According to celebritynetworth, Pretty Boy holds a current net worth of $450 million. Notably, he earned his income through various sources apart from his fight purses. It fascinates his fans when he shows his expenses on luxuries.

The fans not only follow him for his significant legacy in his boxing career but also for his lavish spending on various things. Floyd Mayweather took a leave from professional boxing in the year 2017. After that, he only fights exhibition bouts which add a lot of money to his bank account.

One of his significant fights when he fought against Filipino legend, Manny Pacquiao, caught a lot of attention from the boxing fraternity. The fight was known as ‘The Battle of Greatness’. Certainly, this fight earned both the boxers a tremendous amount of money, and Mayweather, the winner of the bout, earned $180 million.

On the other hand, it was the biggest payday for Pac-man, as he earned $120 million for the 12 rounds he boxed with Mayweather. However, this wasn’t the highest amount earned by Floyd Mayweather in his career.

‘Money’ Mayweather earned $275 million when he defeated the UFC legend, Conor McGregor, in his last professional fight in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. Likewise, ‘The Notorious’ also fetched a sum of $100 million, which is the highest purse fight of his life.

Mayweather’s estimated earnings from his fight purses are about $1.1 billion in which he fought noteworthy boxers. Apart from his fight purses, Mayweather earns through various verticals of his investments. These are Mayweather Promotions, The Money Team, The Money Team Racing, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, Girl Collection, and Skate Rock City.

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