“Hercules” Live-Action Film To Be Directed By Sherlock Holmes Director Guy Ritchie

Animated movies brought to live-action is a concept of the modern  generation and such movies do work really well.

One such movie will be coming soon to theatres and it’s none other than  Hercules. There used to also come an animated show regarding Hercules  back in the 90s which was quite cool, as it was based on mythology and  Gods

It also had 2 Disney films in the 90s as well about Hercules which was voiced by Tate Donovan as it was an animated film.

Hercules is next in line to be made as a live-action movie, the director  of the film will be Guy Ritchie. He has directed many good films like   Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes,  Wrath of Man, King Arthur,  RockNRolla & Alladin.

Hercules was the son of Zeus, he was well known for his strength and his  epic adventures. His Greek name is called Heracles or Herakles

He faced a lot of problems and it wasn’t really easy but he was promised  to be among other Gods and became the gatekeeper of Olympus.

It was also reported that the new Hercules movie which will be a remake will be produced by the Russo brothers.

It’s also been heard that many actors have shown their interest in the  film and are likely to be considered are Ariana Grande, Jeff Goldblum,  and Jim Carrey.