Hellbound’s Creator Talks About Show’s Squid Game Comparisons

Yeon Sang-ho, director of Train to Busan and creator of the hit Netflix show Hellbound, talks about the show’s recent comparisons to Netflix’s Squid Game, another extremely popular South Korean show.

Hellbound examines how modern society reacts to supernatural and unexplained events, and how those reactions may be worse than the events themselves

Beings appear on an alternate Earth and inform its citizens of their incipient deaths and the sins that will lead them to hell, causing mass hysteria.

As a result, society divides into groups, such as the New Truth Society, and turns against one another. As a result, the show tackles social and political issues that are relevant to the audience.

Squid Game swept the world earlier this year, with massive Netflix views. The streaming portal stated that the show was seen for a record 1.65 billion hours, paving the way for additional Korean shows to reach the West.

 Hellbound debuted in November and quickly surpassed Squid Game in terms of viewership, easily topping the charts and becoming massively popular.

Many fans compared Hellbound to Squid Game as a result of this.