Hypothetical scenarios are very real in the NBA. Not only fans engage in these discussions, but current and former players, too.

Recently, 3x NBA champion, Andre Iguodala talked about Larry Bird's greatness and how impactful and great he would have been in today's NBA.

Larry Legend was incredible during his best years, being a consistent player that always gave his best for his team. That's why so many people have praised him over the years.

During a recent edition of his Point Forward podcast, Iguodala picked Bird as the greatest white player of all time, while saying he'd pick Larry over his long-time archrival Magic Johnson to play in today's league.

“Larry didn’t have no flaws and I’m gonna go out there on a limb…and this is the first time I've ever said this in an open setting, I’ll take Larry Bird over Magic Johnson….He can play in any era."

Andre Iguodala further added, "And when I tell people like this guy is one of the best ever? I mean his game translates everywhere, any era, any brand of basketball - NBA, 

FIBA, ABA, EuroLeague and anywhere in the world, his game is gonna translate and he’s gonna do the exact thing he did in the NBA.”

Larry was incredibly great during his best years, competing against big legends and never backing down. He didn't look like the most athletic or intimidating player, but he 

learned how to use the game to his advantage, destroying rivals every night. He also was a huge trash talker and earned a big reputation for that.