HasanAbi Frustrated With Twitch Hate Raids; Says He Gets ‘Botted’ Everyday

Before diving into what Twitch streamer ‘HasanAbi’ has to say about hate raids, let us understand what these ‘hate raids’ really are.

Hate Raid is basically spamming/botting a streamer’s Twitch chat with racist and obscene slurs.

The hate raids discourages budding streamers and causes a nuisance in smooth-going streams!

One streamer who is relatively bigger than others but is still a victim to hate raids is HasanAbi.

He has decided to ‘talk to Twitch’ about the issue.

HasanAbi admitted that there are temporary solutions to fix the hate raid issues during streams but he feels that Twitch should do more

Hasan gets botted during many streams but he has a sophisticated system of mods in place that ban hate messages and bots