Harry Styles’ My Policeman Teaser Out, A Complex Love Trio Story

The most awaited Gay romance film teaser trailer is out and we can sense a complex love story taking place between characters.

Amazon Prime video on 15th June released the first teaser trailer for the film My Policeman, which is a romantic drama film.

The main cast of the film is Harry Styles, David Dawson, Emma Corrin, Gina McKee, Rupert Everett, Linus Roache, and Andrew Tieran.

It’s an adaptation of the book by Bethan Roberts named “My Policeman”. The story revolves around three characters one is Harry Styles as Tom Burges, David Dawson as Patrick Hazlewood & Emma Corrin as Marion Taylor.

In this romance drama what happens is Tom (a gay cop ) falls in love with Patrick ( a museum curator). But Tom is already married to Marion (a school teacher) because of social constraints, this love story of Tom and Patrick causes problems in their marriage

The trailer starts with Tom & Patrick staring at the Museum paintings that’s when Patrick asks Tom, ” How does it make you feel?” giving a nod to their unsaid feelings. In the next moment, we see Marion who is in love with Tom as she sees him with loving eyes.

Further, we get to see some happy moments between Marion & Tom, and on the other side, we see a relationship between Tom & Patrick building up and is the start of their romance. But all these complexities between the three cause a lot of pain and hurt in the characters’ lives.

The love triangle continues until one of them can’t take it anymore and leaves, which causes damage to everyone’s life. The film will revisit the past in the 1990s to narrate the story of the love trio