Halloween Horror Movie Mashup Video Celebrates Scary Movies Of The 2020s

By Christy Mathew

A new horror movie mashup has surfaced on the internet, presenting all of the best scary movies released so far this decade. The genre makes a lot of money by converting people’s fears into tremendous scares and fantastic eerie entertainment. It has a lengthy history in the film industry, extending back to the silent film era.

Horror has long been a popular genre, with distinct forms and flavours emerging with each decade. With films like The Exorcist and The Omen, for example, the 1970s witnessed a boom in demonic and satanic horror;.

The resurrection of big horror franchises (such as the aforementioned Halloween reboot), as well as the launch of the A24 horror film; and the Blumhouse model, were particularly significant in the 2010s. 

That success has carried over into the twenty-first century; with a slew of films and television shows from directors like Jordan Peele and Mike Flanagan.

Despite the fact that the decade is still new, there has already been a slew of fantastic horror films released. Indeed, YouTube user Mavvy Dee has created a mashup video displaying some of the best horror films from the year 2020; demonstrating exactly how much high-quality work has been released thus far. Take a look at the video below:

The video even features James Wan’s Malignant, which; although not doing especially well at the box office upon its initial release; has already received significant recognition and acclaim for its strange and twisty Giallo-inspired storey.

If nothing else, this video serves as a reminder to moviegoers that horror films can hold up to the test of time just as well (if not better) than any other genre. Horror films like A Quiet Place Part II and Halloween Kills routinely trounced the competition; even during the Covid-19 pandemic, when films failed to create big box office impressions.

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