Halloween 2021: Katy Perry Comes As COVID 19 Vaccine And Poses With ‘Dr. DILF’ Orlando Bloom

When it came to dressing up for Halloween 2021, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom surely knew what they were doing.

The couple dressed up as a vaccine syringe and a doctor to disseminate COVID-19 vaccine knowledge in the most creative way possible. Katy issued a warning to her fans on Instagram, captioning photographs of the couple dressed up in costumes, “Stay safe guys.”

Orlando also posted a series of images to his Instagram account, captioning them with the humorous phrase “vaxed a girl and I liked it.”

Bloom didn’t stop there, though, as he also tagged himself in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s account

The actor’s Doctor’s suite included a name tag that read “Dr. DILF,” which was hilarious.

Katy and Orlando’s Halloween costume received a lot of favorable feedback from fans who liked their unique take on the holiday and thought it was appropriate for the situation.

“You guys clearly understand the job,” an admirer remarked on Bloom’s post. Katy and Orlando’s images were dubbed “relationship goals” by another fan.