Metaverse: Gucci Submits Trademark Applications for Crypto Marketplace

Gucci submits five trademark applications for its name and logo in the NFT-backed media, metaverse, and cryptocurrency markets.

Gucci, the high-end luxury apparel firm, has just registered for five NFT, crypto, and Metaverse trademark applications.

These trademarks are to cover part of its blockchain business consisting of Digital marketplaces for virtual goods, virtual assets, and digital media, Financial brokering of virtual goods, and crypto-collectibles, Conducting virtual fashion shows,

Ticket reservation and booking services including the provision of tickets authenticated by NFTs, Authentication, issuance, and validation of digital certificates,

and also Software for the display, virtual currency and the electronic transfer plus exchange of virtual assets, and transfer of NFT-backed digital goods and virtual assets among others.

This is the company's second foray into the blockchain market.

Kering, Gucci's owner, recently stated that they intend to be a pioneer in the Web3 area and have revealed their ambitions to accept cryptocurrencies, add NFTs, and invest in Web3-dedicated venture capital.

Gucci made its first entry into blockchain technology in May, when the Italian fashion label announced that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments in select of its stores in the United States by the end of that month.

It also intends to expand the pilot programme by the summer to all of its directly operated sites in North America. This gesture represented a big endorsement of cryptocurrencies from leading premium businesses.