GreekGodX Set To Return To Twitch Streaming Due To Financial Crisis

Twitch streamer GreekGodX has taken a call to end his Twitch ‘break’ earlier than planned

But wait a second.. why did he take a break from streaming in the first place? Well, it’s a lot of drama involved.

In July, GreekGodX criticized fellow streamers Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollonand and Mizkif but things backfired and GreekGod was labelled a ‘racist’.

GreekGodX got so furious that he announced his exit from the platform for a while.

He revealed that he was ‘done with streaming for a while.’

But now, GreekGodX seems to be eyeing an early return back on track.

“Im going to go back to streaming soon for the people who watch me its going to be some IRL stuff.

money is tight. see you soon stay updated. IRL KING will be back soon.”