GOT7’S Jackson Wang Releases New MV; Fans Call Him ‘Red Panda’

Christy Mathew

Jackson Wang is thriving as he continues performing under his own label, Team Wang. The K-Pop idol’s last single, Drive You Home was a hit. It showed him crying over his lover who he lost after a car accident that changed his life.

He gained a lot of compliments for the same as he is called multi-talented by several fans.

It is not news to GOT7’s fans that Jackson has been a rapper as well as a performer since his time with his K-Pop group. Fans got to hear him sing on solo ventures after that. That’s not all, Jackson is an Olympic-level fencing champion. 

However, the singer has also proved himself as prowess when he performed his song, Drive You Home live.The K-Pop alum had revealed last month that his new project is titled PanThePack in collaboration with three Chinese artists.

Karencici, Taiwanese rapper and producer J. Sheon and Beijing based rapper ICE are the artists he collaborated with. It is apparent that the K-pop idol is attempting to change the bigger picture of Chinese music.

Fans got to see Jackson in bright red hair and the other three had their own colours. Jackson did not just stop at colouring his hair but he also tried a new hairstyle. He was donning red space buns as he rode a vehicle full of snacks.

Fans were excited to see his new look and have called him, ‘hungry red panda’ as he kept eating snacks throughout the video. A fan said, “Is that you? The little red panda.” Another fan said, “RED PANDA DOMINATION.”