Draymond Green has been one of the most talked-about people and players during this NBA Finals, with his podcast and media presence coming under fire thanks to his poor performances.

Many people clowned Green after the Warriors lost the  Game 3, and one  of those people was former star Gilbert Arenas.

Arenas claimed after the loss that if the Warriors didn't win the series, it would be Draymond's fault for not playing his game and not playing like himself.

However, the Warriors bounced back in Game 4 behind a huge Steph Curry display and Arenas revealed that his criticism had resulted in him getting a text message from Green after Game 4 was won.

"See this is why I f--k with the new school. This is why I can never bash a new school. Because if you give them the respect and... I made a comment, I'm like, I don't know if it;s gonna be taken 

well, let me explain it to him. So I've done it with like Donovan Mithcell, this is something I meant. They are smart enough to understand like, 'Okay, OG really understands.'

"So he (Draymond Green) wrote, 'I appreciate you, OG. I didn't take it as a slight, I respect it. I got to be better for sure. Little funk, but gotta shake it. Can't stop now.' Three minutes after the game (he texted me this)."

Green will be the first to know that if he can't step up his game to its usual height, we will be subject to a lot more slander than he would like.

However, he surely is also aware that if the Warriors win, then there will be nothing for him to talk about or explain.