Gal Gadot To Star In And Produce The Remake Of To Catch A Thief

Gal Gadot will feature in To Catch A Thief, a new version of the classic romantic thriller.

The Wonder Woman actress and her spouse, Jaron Varsano, will produce the picture through their company, Pilot Wave, with Fast and Furious’ Neal Moritz, who will also support the project through his company.

The film’s release has already caught the interest of fans.

Alfred Hitchcock directed the iconic original in 1955, based on David Dodge’s novel. The film starred Cary Grant as an innocent ex-thief suspected of returning to his old ways, as well as the beautiful icy-blonde Grace Kelly.

The new plot for the remake is yet unknown, since Eileen Jones, best known for her work on the Fox series Prodical Son, has signed on to write it.

According to Deadline, the film will be produced by Paramount, the same studio that produced the original.

Gal Gadot most recently appeared with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in the Netflix action comedy Red Notice.

She’ll be transforming into the fairest evil queen for her next role in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and starring in the adaption of Agatha Cristie’s “Death On The Nile,” so the Israeli actress has a lot on her plate.

Death on the Nile is a mystery thriller directed by Kenneth Branagh that stars Gadot with Kenneth Branagh, Ali Fazal, and Letitia Wright, among others. Fans are also excited to watch the actress reprise her role as Cleopatra in Cleopatra and reprise her role as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 3.