Frazier Kay Makes His YouTube Comeback Following Save The Kids Crypto Scandal

Frazier Kay, previously known as FaZe Kay was ousted from the FaZe Clan for his alleged involvement in the ‘Save The Kids’ crypto scandal.

The ‘SaveTheKids’ altcoin was promoted by the members but it turned out to be a pump and dump scheme

Apart from Kay, his younger brother Jarvis and two other FaZe Clan members Teeqo and Nikan were suspended.

Since the news, Teeqo has made the big announcement of joining the FaZe clan again.

But with Frazier Kay, it seems that the plans are significantly different.

In the YouTube video titled “Goodbye FaZe Kay | A New Beginning,” the former FaZe Clan member puts down any prospects of him going back to the esports organization.

He plans to upload content as usual and said that he is “really excited for some of the videos we have planned.”

“It’s just going to be me, for real. None of the fakeness. None of that dude screaming down the camera,” he added.