Francis Ngannou reveals that talks to fight Deontay Wilder in Africa have begun

Francis Ngannou has disclosed that negotiations are taking on so that he might take on Deontay Wilder in Africa. 

In January, "The Predator" left the UFC as the heavyweight champion in place.

Ngannou had many problems with the promotion, but his inability to box was the worst one.

The former heavyweight champion has drawn a lot of interest from the boxing community since becoming a free agent. 

Eddie Hearn previously disclosed that he was in talks to have Ngannou take on Anthony Joshua. 

Tyson Fury has expressed interest in taking on the MMA competitor. Deontay Wilder appears to be the front-runner at the moment, though.

For a two-fight series, "The Bronze Bomber" has already challenged Francis Ngannou.

Deontay Wilder can be faced twice by Francis Ngannou, but only in boxing. 



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