Former YG Trainee Reveals Insider Details On BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Lisa’s Dorm Life

Former YG trainee Heo Yoo Jung shed some light on on her experiences living BLACKPINK's girls

In a video uploaded on YouTube Heo Yoo Jung shared fascinating insights into the dorm life she shared with Jisoo and Lisa

Recalling her time at the YG Entertainment dormitory, Heo Yoo Jung expressed her admiration for Jisoo’s development as an artist

She said: “I lived in the same dorm with the members, and they were all so nice. I took lessons with Jisoo

Looking at her recently released album, her face is the same, but her skills have improved a lot. She was originally pretty

Heo Yoo Jung also talked about Lisa and praised her 

She said: “I also went to New York to learn dancing while being a trainee. Lisa is the best dancer I’ve ever seen

Lisa cooked for me at the dorm when she came back from Thailand.”

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