Former WWE star Cody Rhodes argues that the public does not give her enough credit

Cody Rhodes is one of WWE's most well-liked talents and is highly praised by fans. 

His wife, Brandi, is one celebrity he feels hasn't received the respect she deserves. 

Together with Cody, Brandi had a crucial role in the early development of All Elite Wrestling.

A company that allowed other performers to make a livelihood and avoid the possibility of being underutilised in WWE. 

Cody claimed that his wife, who began her career in WWE as a ring announcer, has never received the recognition she merits.

Many believed that WWE fans would reject Cody as Roman's challenger for WrestleMania due to the unexpected spike in popularity of Sami Zayn.

But the audience appears to like The American Nightmare just as much.

The Undisputed WWE Universal Title will be on the line when Cody Rhodes faces Roman Reigns in the WrestleMania 39 main event on Sunday.

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