Former Boxing Middleweight Champion’s Father Shot Dead in Tragic Incident

A lurid shootout in Montreal claimed the life of two people. One of them was the father of former middleweight champion David Lemieux. The incident was so tragic that it prevailed in an atmosphere of fear in the city.

The former IBF middleweight champion took to Instagram and wrote, “R.I.P dad.” He also shared two pictures of his father on Instagram.

In the initial investigation, the Montreal police reached to a conclusion that a shootout took place at two different places within the hour. And the shooter involved in the tragic incident was the same person.

 “one shooter is responsible for both shootings. For me to confirm it 100 percent, we’re waiting on a few details. We’re waiting on the ballistics report. But 99 percent the same person is responsible for both shootings”, Chief inspector Marie-Claude Dandenault told.

Until now, police have made eyewitnesses, it’s base for claiming this. However, he ruled out the possibility of a gang related incident as there found no clues regarding this.

“Right now, we can’t say that, but I can’t say it’s not. That’s the thing. Right now we have a lot of scenarios that we’re looking at. We can’t say they’re random, but we can’t rule it out”, the Chief Police office told.

The father of the former champ, Andre Lemieux, was shot close to his place of residence. The 64-year-old had a minor criminal record according to police. He recently faced charges of impaired driving and drug possession.

Police reached the spot after getting a call at 10:50 p.m. As soon as they reached the spot, they found an old man lying injured with a wound in the upper body. Before anything could have done, he succumbed to injuries on the spot. Later, police found that the man was the father of a former world champion.

Shortly after this, police found another man a few kilometres northeast of the first shooting. Police found him dead. He is identified as Mohamed Salah Belhaj, 48.