Former five-division world champion, Floyd Mayweather, is one of the richest athletes of all time.

Moreover, ‘Money’ Mayweather’s history of extravagant expenditures has churned many urban legends. The champ recently expressed his desire to have his own NBA team.

Mayweather was talking to FightHype. In conversation, the correspondent asked him about his potential NBA aspiration,

saying, “You talked about the possibility of bringing an NBA team here to Las Vegas. What would that mean to you?”

In response, Mayweather said, “I truly believe if I do or I don’t. Which, I’m going to have a team,

whether it’s in Vegas or not in Vegas. I will have a team. I’ve been working on that for a good while now.”

He further mentioned, “So you know it’s like I’m working, I’ve been working behind the scenes. I didn’t want to bring it out until you know it was engraved in stone.”

However, he also added that he would prefer to have the team in Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather had first expressed his desire to own an NBA franchise in 2016. Moreover, he had also mentioned that he wanted to step down from sports betting to venture into the same.

Mayweather was recently inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. His induction was much anticipated and well deserved.