Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore Stats: Age, Height, Weight, Reach, Net Worth, Record, and More

The return of Floyd Mayweather to the ring for his exhibition match will undoubtedly engage a lot of fans.

This time Mayweather will fight his former stablemate Don Moore in a unique location in Dubai on May 14.

After a long time, Mayweather and Moore will exchange punches in the ring. Let’s know more about the boxers before we see them competing in the ring.

Don Moore is recognized by the name of ‘Dangerous’. He went undefeated throughout his professional boxing career and fought his last professional bout in 2016.

 Moore is 5′ 10″ (178 cm) tall and has a reach of 74″ (188 cm). He used to fight in the featherweight division in his professional boxing career. He holds an orthodox stance and has a knockout percentage of 63.16%.

Mayweather’s last professional bout was in 2017 against the UFC legend, Conor McGregor. He reigned the ring for over two decades of his career.

Pretty Boy stands 5′ 8″  (172 cm) tall and has a reach of  72″ (183 cm). He fought through 5 different weight classes in his career and remained undefeated in his career.

Mayweather fights with an orthodox stance and his specialty of The Philly Shell technique makes his defense finer. He won 27 of his 50 professional fights with a knockout.

After his retirement from professional boxing, Mayweather fought some exhibition fights, which yielded him a good amount of money.