The former five-weight division champ, Floyd Mayweather, took a bold stand against the media on the question of whether or not Gervonta Davis would resign with ‘The Money Team’.

Notably, ahead of the blockbuster showdown between Rolly Romero and ‘Tank’ Davis, things went wrong.

Mayweather’s protege, Davis, appeared dissatisfied with the decisions of his promoter. This led to talks that Davis would leave TMT after the completion of his contract.

Now, when the WBA lightweight champion Davis has fought the last fight and his contract is over with Mayweather Promotions.

The question now arises: will Davis resign his contract or leave TMT?  

Regarding this, the reporter asked Floyd Mayweather, “Are you going to resign ‘Tank’? Is ‘Tank’ resigning with TMT?”

To which ‘Money’ replied, “I’m not here to talk about ‘Tank’. He’s a hell of a fighter. He’s with us forever. I liked Tank, I loved Tank. He loves me. We have a great relationship and we’re happy,

you know we always want to stay positive. You know media always asks in negative questions so we’re not talking about nothing negative. We’re talking about things that’s positive.”

In the end, he left a message for Davis. He said, “Tank I love you. We talk every day keep with the great work I’m proud of you.”

What do you think of Mayweather’s response to reporters regarding Gervonta Davis?